Power Plays

Power Plays

Powerplays is a blockchain scanner that tracks all newly-trading tokens from their start, giving you instant notifications.

From there, it gives you one-click access to all the scam checking tools, so you see the full picture of any token before you ape in.

Powerplays is currently in private beta. You can access it by applying here.
Paste and address or shill card, and get links to the results of different analysis tools and searches. Scroll down to see how the project is doing on socials.
The instant overview includes:
  • one-click access to all the best analytic tools I could find (and I'm happy to add more on request.)
  • one-click access to search results for the project on the web, twitter, reddit, tiktok
  • various charting tools (both price and liquidity)
So within seconds you have the full picture and can catch rugs and weak projects.
The chain monitor includes:
  • search for tokens that are growing in holders, not just price
  • filtered for liquidity

Upcoming features

See social media and community stats, including historic trends. Know if a project is ready to moon, or struggling to survive.
Powerplays finds relevant links for projects, and shows when the site was started, and how it was built. This lets you filter out the serious projects from the rugs.
Take notes right in the app, letting you watch more projects more calmly, picking only the best and finding the right entry points.

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Powerplays is in private beta. If you're an active trader, click here to gain access.
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